PTFE Diaphragm

Teflon PTFE Diaphragm
Product Name : Teflon PTFE Diaphragm

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  • Teflon PTFE Diaphragm
  • Teflon PTFE Diaphragm


Product Character

PTFE Diaphragm is widely used in Oil chemical industries, Coal industries, paper making, weave, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries.

We can make by customized requirements.

PTFE Diaphragm Application:
●Food processing industry
●Electronics industry
●Sanitary application
●Water and waste processing application
●Chemical and refinery
●Pharmaceutical industry
●Chemical production
Teflon Diaphragm Series:
●PTFE Pump Diaphragm     
PTFE Valve Diaphragm

PTFE Pump Diaphragm  

     Can make replacement part for many brands of diaphragm pump or AODD
     (Air operated double diaphragm) such as Graco, Wilden, Versamatic, Tapflo...If you
     want PTFE+Aluminum sheet+EPDM can be done as well.

     Graco replacement PTFE diaphragm
     In stock code

proimages/ARO-1.jpg             proimages/ARO-2.jpg
       Graco Diameter: 284 mm
 proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-1.jpg  proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-2.jpg
 proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-3.jpg  proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-4.jpg
 We can provide all sizes and kinds of PTFE diaphragm pump.
 proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-5.jpg  proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-6.jpg
proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-7.jpg proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-8.jpg 
proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-9.jpg proimages/ptfe-pump-diaphragm-10.jpg
Husky 205   


                                 PTFE Valve Diaphragm

We carry many sizes of Ptfe valve diaphragms, we can also customize your own diaphragm if you can provide drawing. Some common size are in stock, please feel free to ask.We can also make PTFE+Viton, PTFE+EPDM diaphragm, either separately or bond together.  

proimages/ptfe-valve-diaphragm-2.jpg proimages/ptfe-valve-diaphragm.jpg PTFE+EPDM 
proimages/ptfe-valve-diaphragm-3.jpg proimages/ptfe-valve-diaphragm-4.jpg  
proimages/ptfe-valve-diaphragm-5.jpg proimages/ptfe-valve-diaphragm-6.jpg  
proimages/ptfe-valve-diaphragm-7.jpg  PTFE bond with EPDM