Teflon Coating

PTFE-Mart can satisfy customer needs in many kinds of teflon coating product applications, such as transportation, laboratory equipment, aerospace, electronic, food processing, chemistry and more. Our teflon coating factory got DuPont LIA (Licensee Industrial Applicator) and ISO9001 certificated. Contact us if you have any questions include industrial teflon coatings and PTFE coating.

Teflon coating material used : Liquid PTFE, FEP, PFA finishes for general non-stick and lubrication application.
ETFE, FEP, PFA coating powders for critical anti-corrosion application. PTFE coating also can be applied on rubber and plastics products such as O-ring, gaskets, wipers, rollers and more.

All PTFE Teflon Coating (Industrial Teflon Coating) Series: