Coated Roller

Coated Roller
Product Name : Coated Roller

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  • Coated Roller
  • Coated Roller
  • Coated Roller
  • Coated Roller


Product Character


proimages/teflon-roller-coating1.jpg Commonly used in printing industry
●Non-stick, easy release
●High lubricity, low friction
●Abrasion resistance and protect from chemical attack
●Corrosion resistance
●Thy property of non-stick can help avoiding sticking material
Teflon coated roller can be used in the printing or packaging industry.


proimages/roller-coating-1.jpg proimages/roller-coating-2.jpg
proimages/roller-coating-3.jpg proimages/roller-coating-4.jpg

Rubber roller covered and bonded with FEP (PFA) Heat shrinkable tube
Before After
proimages/roller-coating-6.jpg proimages/roller-coating-7.jpg
proimages/Before__Shrink_Teflon_.jpg proimages/During_process.jpg proimages/Finished_roller_wrapped_by_teflon_film.jpg          

Before  Shrink Teflon

 During process

Finished roller wrapped by teflon film