ETFE film has great properties for heat resistance, chemical resistance, anti-foil and long term weatherability.
ETFE Film can be widely used in many fields, recently it was known mostly been used in electronics, solar cell,
architecture and release film for LED.


ETFE film for solar cell

ETFE for solar cell can be used as a transparent layer put on the solar cell.
ETFE film can replace glass due to its light weight and UV light transparency

also ETFE can offer high durability. Even after 20 years exposure in outdoor, still looks like new.


 proimages/ETFE_FILM.jpg proimages/ETFE_FILM-2.jpg


ETFE film for architecture

ETFE film is ideal for long term outdoor usage due to its anti-foil and high durability characteristics.
Nowadays ETFE film is highly used in greenhouse, stadium and some roofs.


proimages/ETFE_FILM-3.jpg  proimages/ETFE_FILM-4.jpg