Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Please read this User Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Service") before you officially use the services of PTFE-Mart. The purpose of these Terms of Service is to endeavor to protect the rights of members when using the services of this website and to confirm the rights and obligations between the "this website" and its members.

I. Accept the terms of use

By using these Terms of Service, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to all the content and terms of the Terms of Service and fully accept the current and future derivative services and content of the Service.

If you continue to use the services of this Website after any modification or change, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept the revised or changed Terms of Service. If you do not agree to the modification of the above terms of service, or do not accept any of the terms of the Terms of Service, you should immediately stop using the "Website" service.

If you are under the age of 20, in addition to complying with the above requirements, you should read, understand and agree to all the contents of these Terms of Service and subsequent changes to your parent (or guardian) before you can register, use or continue. Use the services of this Website.

2. You agree and warrant the following:

You agree not to use the Website in the name of others.
According to the tips of this website, provide the correct personal information, and there is no such thing as repeated registration. If you provide any error, false, outdated or incomplete or misleading information; or "this website" has reason to suspect that the above information is incorrect, false, outdated or incomplete or misleading, "this website" Have the right to suspend, reject or terminate your right to use and refuse to use all or any part of the Website in the present and future.
You agree to the personal data that you have logged in or retained. This Website may collect, process, store, transmit and use your information to the extent necessary or to facilitate the provision of the Website.
Privacy Policy: "This Site" is for the personal information you have logged in or retained, and is only for the "Business Sites" and "This Website" related business partners, as described in the original, without your consent. The use of the purpose and scope of use, unless otherwise stated, or in accordance with the relevant laws, "this site" will not provide your personal information to third parties, or for other purposes.
You agree not to use the Website to defame, insult, threaten, defame, interfere, misrepresent, violate the ethics and publish public order text, images or any form of file on this Website.
You agree not to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, distribute, restore, decompile, or reversely translate the Programs and all Content on the Site, including but not limited to works, images, archives, website architecture, Web design, etc., are owned by the "Website" or other rights holders in accordance with the law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patents, copyrights and know-how.
You may not modify, reproduce, or repost the relevant circumstances in the profit-making behavior without the permission of the creator. If you have any infringement, "this website" reserves the right to stop your use of this website and to cancel your membership. Disposal of Violation of the Terms of Service You agree that "This Site" may, in its sole discretion, determine that you have violated these Terms of Service, "This Site" reserves the right to terminate or restrict your use of the Service and to cancel your membership.
Disclaimer: When the System is interrupted, including but not limited to maintenance, construction, upgrades, malfunctions or force majeure, it may cause loss of your data, inconvenience or other losses. Any compensation and liability. Please take backup measures when you use this website.
"This Website" does not guarantee that the system program will not cause errors or obstacles, and the user will take backup measures. At any time, the Website has the right to modify or terminate any service and stop the user's right to use, whether or not there is an announcement or notification to the user.
"This Website" reserves the right to amend or change the contents of these Terms of Service at any time and replace the previous contents as needed. The revised Terms of Service will be posted on the Website without prior notice. Such modifications or changes.